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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad has gained more prominence in recent times. Gone are the days when studying abroad was only reserved for the elite and uber-rich. Nowadays, anyone can study abroad, provided they plan and prepare properly.

But why has studying abroad become so popular? The reasons for this are nuanced and varied. Many international students study abroad for better employment opportunities, while others do so simply because they want to see the world. But there is more to studying abroad than getting a good job, here are 10 solid reasons you should study abroad:


Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones sign with a beach on backgroundPT Barnum once said, “Comfort is the enemy of progress”. You may never be able to challenge yourself or truly know what you’re capable of if you don’t go outside your comfort zone. There are unique challenges and struggles you will face when you travel abroad but these are all part of the journey and experience. Step outside your comfort zone and explore something new, there is so much value in doing so.



Businesswoman standing on stage and reporting for audienceYes, although you can bag a great job when you study at home, studying abroad gives you a unique perspective that will prove to be invaluable to your company or organisation. In the interconnected world, employers are looking for graduates with international experience and education. You can stand out from other applicants with your international degree. By studying abroad, you will learn new languages, cultures and gain a better understanding of the world at large.



Image of business friends discussing brainstorming and ideas at meeting inside beautiful modern building place-1

One huge benefit of studying abroad is the chance to learn a new language. If you’re an international student whose official language isn’t English, studying abroad in English speaking countries can help you become a very good English speaker.

Learning a new language can be tough but there is no better way to learn it besides immersing yourself in the culture and speaking to the locals.



happy graduation student full of success outdoorsThis is one of the main reasons many international students travel abroad to study. Many countries are riddled with politics, wars and other issues that make it impossible to gain access to quality education. Becoming an international student can greatly broaden your study options and give you more options than were previously available to you at home.

Countries like the U.S, Australia, Canada and the U.K are among the best in the world for respectable higher education systems.




One huge advantage of studying abroad for many international students is the chance to immerse themselves in a new environment and culture. Such experiences enable students to meet people from different walks of life and see things from a different worldview. As an international student, you can try new foods, listen to new music, enjoy local festivities and explore everything else your host country has to offer.
Another understated advantage is that this allows you to also showcase your country, traditions and cultures to other people.


Happy friends sitting together having dinner in a restaurantMaking new friends is very important especially if you’re an international student. You can be lost, or have little to no clue about the policies and rules in a country but your local friends will be there to help you.
Besides that, when you study abroad, this is a chance for an international student to befriend people from different cultures, nationalities and traditions. Most lifelong relationships are built in college and this can be beneficial for you in the long run. These friends can be important networking tools later down the road. You never know, your Australian friend may need a programmer who speaks perfect Hindi–Urdu or Malay.


Portrait of a happy young woman sitting on the city stairs and using laptop computer outdoorsMost international students have lived with their families and parents all their lives. Travelling to study abroad is the first step in becoming a full-fledged adult. You will discover what you are made of and become an independent person. International students will have to learn how to cook for themselves, create a budget, have plans and more.

Studying and living abroad will put you in charge of your life and destiny, making you take control of what you buy, how you plan your life and your career moving forward. You will get the opportunity to discover yourself and test your ability to adapt to diverse situations.


happy skier smiling with his skiis in the trailStudying in a different country offers many new activities and interests that you may never have discovered. When you’re abroad, you can try new and different things like hiking, snow skiing, golf, and maybe even gaming. International students can even try local plays, clubs, or concerts.

There are so many things to do that could pique your interest and become your new hobby. Some of these activities are things international students usually don’t have access to in their home countries like snow or golf courses, mountains to hike etc.


Fashion man driving a scooter in helmet in old townThis is very obvious. One great allure for many international students is the ability to finally leave the nest and travel outside a country they have called home all their life. And in many countries, not only are you allowed to study, but you can also visit neighbouring countries for vacation if you want to.

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to see more of the world with your own eyes and not just through the internet.


Children playing on summer sunset meadowThis will all come around full circle. One thing every international student feels is homesickness. There is no place like home. While you will not feel this all the time, you will come to appreciate the place you called home after spending so much time abroad.

Whether it is having a shoulder to lean on with your family, the feeling of the warm sun on your face every morning or having a fresh traditional meal from your home country; living alone in another country can serve as a wake-up call for many international students to start appreciating their home countries.

It is without a doubt that studying abroad is a great life experience many should try. It not only has professional benefits, but it can also help develop and cultivate empathy, character and a feeling of self.

If you are an international student who wants to study abroad, we at VisaConnex can set you up with the best educational institutions around the world based on your budget and interests. Schedule a meeting with our migration experts today for free to get started.

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