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Benefits of Studying in Regional Areas in Australia

The Australian government is looking to incentivise international students to study in regional areas over urban cities. The Australian Government wants to reduce the population in major capital cities, support other regions and create a stronger economy for Australia.

In lieu of this, the Australian government is giving international students who study in regional areas an extra 5 Immigration Points. But besides the incentive offered by the Australian government, Regional Areas are wonderful places with unique activities for international students to partake in.

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There are many benefits of studying in designated Regional Areas in Australia, and let’s start with the most obvious one:


The Australian government has promised that all International students who study and have lived in an eligible designated regional area for at least 2 years will get a chance for a second PSW visa. This is good news for anyone looking to study in Australia.

In addition to this, any international student who lives and studies in any Regional Area for at least two years will get an extra 5 points on their Immigration Points Tests.

Minister for Education, Dan Tehan said attracting more students, both Australian and international, to study in the regions is part of the Government’s focus on regional higher education.” This will no doubt be a big boost for international students who wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia.


Regional Areas in Australia are full of wonderful educational institutions that offer unique trade courses that will give international students a better opportunity for employment. The reason for this is simple, most trade courses offered in regional areas are courses that are relevant to the city.

For example, international students can study Marine Biology in New South Wales or winemaking in Adelaide. One thing is certain, if you decide to study in a regional area, you will have your pick of the litter.


The standard cost of living is considerably lower in regional areas than they are in urban cities. Students in regional areas will find it easy to pay rent, food and transportation costs and enjoy leisurely activities. Cities like The Gold Coast, Adelaide, Cairns, Bundaberg etc have very low and affordable costs of living. This is good news for international students who wish to study and work part-time without skipping out on extracurricular activities.

However, it is important to note that not all regional areas are cheap. Cities like Perth, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast have a higher cost of living than other regional areas. This is because many of these places are tourist destinations and home to countless cultural and alternative events, coastal lifestyles, nature reserves and world heritage sites.


There is a reason why so many Australians and tourists visit regional areas and it is because of the lifestyle. Regional areas offer something different which is an easy-going way of life and a chance to experience nature in Australia. Say goodbye to the traffic and the hustle and bustle of the big cities. If you feel like going for a swim, you can do that on Sunshine Coast. If you want to experience a sophisticated but family-friendly urban lifestyle, Adelaide has you covered.

But don’t let the relaxed way of life fool you. Regional areas also have cosmopolitan and leisurely activities for you to experience. You can be rest assured knowing that you still have access to the same entertainment and essential services in big cities like gyms, cinemas, sporting venues, restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping centres. Whoever said that regional areas are boring hasn’t been to the sand and surf in Byron Bay or the beaches and great nightlife in The Gold Coast.


This is perhaps the biggest benefit of studying in regional areas. In regional areas, there is a close-knit community, the campuses are smaller so you will have more time to talk to your classmates and get to know each other better. You could even get personalised consultations with your professors who will ensure that you aren’t left behind on classwork.

In regional areas, you’re a part of a community where everyone wants to help each other succeed. With such warmth and welcome, international students are sure to succeed in school and at work.

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Studying in regional areas has been mistakenly looked down upon for years, but not anymore. With great government incentives, lower cost of living and many more advantages, regional areas are finally getting their due recognition. International students looking to study in Australia will definitely benefit by choosing a regional area to further their education.

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