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Regional Areas in Australia: Adelaide

International students looking to study abroad in a place that is quiet, affordable and safe, should look no further than Adelaide, Australia. Located in Southern Australia, Adelaide is renowned as one of the most affordable and student-friendly cities in Australia.

Additionally, because Adelaide is classified as a regional area, international students who study and obtain a degree, diploma or trade qualification in this city can earn an extra 5 immigration points on their Immigrations Points Test. But is that all there is to Adelaide? Should you study there simply because it's quiet and you can get an additional 5 immigration points? This article will explore 5 reasons international students should study in Adelaide.



Adelaide is a diverse city with so many of the population coming from other countries. Hence, the locals are used to interacting with international students with different cultures and beliefs. There are close to 20,000 international students in Adelaide, so rest assured you won’t be chastised for your beliefs. 

Not only will you feel welcome, but you will also get the opportunity to interact with people from other walks of life and learn something new about their traditions and nationalities as well. Did you know that Adelaide hosts over 400 festivals and events each year? The city also has a local Chinatown, and there are various restaurants that serve different food from all over the world. 


Studying in Australia gives international students the opportunity to participate in internships and part-time jobs while studying. And graduates in areas like veterinary science, biology or viticulture will find it easy to get a job in Adelaide.

Students in Adelaide can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semesters and full-time during semester breaks and holidays. International students studying PhD or Masters in research are allowed to work full time in Adelaide. Additionally, every international student has work rights ensuring that nobody is taken advantage of. Your work rights protect you from:

  • Breaks, leave and rest periods
  • Minimum superannuation and wage
  • Working in an unhygienic environment
  • Unfair dismissal from the part-time/full-time job.


There is one thing every international student wants; a city that is fun to live in but also cheap so they can have fun during the holidays and weekends. Adelaide gives you all of that. This is a regional area that is urban, sophisticated yet family-friendly and has a natural beauty along with a low cost of living. 

According to the Domain rental report for March 2022, Adelaide comes in with the second-lowest median rental rates out of all Australian cities, at $465 per week. This is a bargain. There are also other options like shared housing that can allow you to save even more on rent. The student concession program by the South Australia Government allows all international students up to $49 monthly discounts on public transport.  You simply can’t ask for more.


Although cities like Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast are mostly touted as having the best beaches, Adelaide is no slouch when it comes to great beaches. Its sandy shores and blue waters will pleasantly surprise you. Beaches like Glenelg, Brighton, Henley, Semaphore and Port Noarlunga are among the most popular metropolitan beaches you can visit during your weekends or holidays. If you enjoy taking hikes, you can do so in the wild forest areas or visit Kangaroo Island. This is an island that offers the best of South Australia's natural wildlife where you can spot Koalas and Kangaroos. Or visit Seal Bay to see penguins and adorable sea lions.

As if that wasn’t enough, Adelaide is famously known as the food and wine capital of Australia. Why? Because the city has more restaurants than any other major city in the country. It also produces 50% of the wine distributed across the country and hosts various food and wine events yearly. Not to pile on but if you’re a student who loves cooking, rejoice because Adelaide has the largest fresh produce market (The Central Market) in Southern Australia. For vegans and more health-conscious foodies, the market on Holland street offers fresh, organic fruits & veggies every Sunday along with freshly made dishes.

You can also visit the parliament house, art galleries, botanic gardens and popular events like Adelaide Fringe, Test Cricket, Clipsal 500, Santos Tour Down Under, Adelaide Festival and many more. There is no shortage of activities for you to enjoy in Adelaide. 


We saved the best for last. Adelaide has some of the best educational programs and institutions in the country. For example, The University of Adelaide consistently ranks in the top 150, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings. That puts it in the top 1% of all universities worldwide.

Schools in Adelaide have garnered an international reputation for academic research and they tend to attract the best and brightest local and international students. In Adelaide, you will find all types of educational institutions from private colleges to universities, specialised Vocational Education and Training institutions, and hospitality & culinary schools. 

Adelaide 2


Adelaide is not a regional area to be scoffed at. This is a cosmopolitan, urban city that is also peaceful. Students who study here are given the chance to excel and reach their true potential without skipping out on the fun. 

If this sounds like a lovely place for you, it’s time to start making plans to study in Adelaide. Don’t know how to apply? No worries, we got you covered. Our expert consultants can help you with the application process and in picking the perfect educational institution for you. 

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